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Video about why is smoking marijuana bad for you:

Study Reveals The TRUE Damage Of Marijuana Use

Why is smoking marijuana bad for you. Is smoking marijuana bad for your lungs?.

Why is smoking marijuana bad for you

That's why it's sometimes called a "gateway drug. But smokers see things differently. At the same time, CBD levels in seized samples have lowered, in part because of the desire to produce higher THC levels and because more illegal growers cultivate indoors using artificial lights. You have to be mature and responsible when experimenting with any drug. Get rid of the weed and those problems will go away like magic. Joints vs Bongs Joints, also known as Doobies, are the most popular method for inhaling marijuana. It is far safer to smoke a joint than to have a beer. Other people have a different reaction to Alcohol than I do and enjoy getting drunk. I have been smoking Pot for the last 25 years and I still test as a genius on IQ tests. At that moment that poor kid from Arkansas decided that some day he was going to be President of the United States, and he went out and did it. I will show you the 8 worst effects of marijuana in a moment, but even if you forget the rest of the article, always remember this:

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    Many drugs out there are highly addictive. Pot is a sexual stimulant.


    If anyone asks if you smoke Pot, Just say No! You have an obvious problem with marijuana and you are pathologically unable to admit it.


    There are plenty of other web sites that will tell you what you want to hear. Archives of Internal Medicine, July


    Passing marijuana smoke through water removes substances such as cytotoxins that can actually impair your immune cells.


    Lawyers get rich off of the Marijuana laws.


    The Government - Pot has been illegal for so long that no politicians have the political courage to tell the truth about Pot.


    I had a close friend who died of cancer.