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Video about girl putting on tampon:

How to put in a tampon

Girl putting on tampon. BBC iPlayer subtitles swaps the word tent to tampon.

Girl putting on tampon

Once your hands are clean, check out your tampon. You should have that great moment too! Don't feel bad about it - not everyone gets it on the first try. But we all had a laugh- and a discusted awkward silence! Most embarrassing day of my life! My last class was art, then I went home. I felt so embarressed because I didn't know if anybody noticed! Kyndall 11 I had gotten my period in sixth grade so I was one of the first few of sixth graders who had their period. Our class is in two lines, and my crush is in the line next to me. There was nobody around other than a guy reading a magazine and a guy walking by so I had to do it. Yes, there are lots of diagrams out there that give one a rough idea of how to put a tampon in although, on the tampon boxes, the images are usually so small it can be hard to make them out.

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    I had this really old bag I used to pack my clothes in and I figured why not put my pads in there too?


    After I realize its broken I ask my dad if he can fix it, forgetting my pads were in there.


    I went back to class to find my tampon sitting on my desk and my crush telling me "I think you dropped something


    I actually didn't care that much anymore. Luckily, the pop star managed to see the funny side, quipping:


    To top it all off, my step brother walked in while my dad and I were picking up pads.


    The applicator is not staying inside of you, only the cotton tampon is. I had to pick it up and I was so embarrassed!


    We were in the bathroom and I was on my period.


    Sure, all of those tampon commercials make your period seem like a walk through a field of wildflowers and present tampons themselves as incredibly simple to use. Harlie 11 Well I was at the mall with my three best friends and our boyfriends and me and one of my friends had our periods at the same time, so we went to the bathroom with our purses.


    That was the day I was introduced to the tampon. When I was going to take a shower I looked at my underwear which happened to be black so I didn't pay any attention to it.


    Later that day I still didn't have my period but I had to go to the bathroom and the teacher wouldn't let us. My friend told me later that day it was her and she didn't want them anymore!