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Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

Are women more emotional than men. Are Women More Emotionally Expressive Than Men?.

Are women more emotional than men

Instead, the intensity of the reaction is likely to depend not only on the sex of the individual but also on the specific emotional state. Are women and men relatively more expressive for happiness and anger, respectively, because they experience these emotions more intensely? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 61, Testing evolutionary and social-environmental theories. Women do smile more than men , and there is evidence that women exaggerate facial expressions for positive emotion. Hampson and her colleagues found more support for the former hypothesis. Emotion and motivation II: How do we know one when we see one? Developmental Psychology, 21, Hopcroft speculates that this is due in part to differential effects of children on feelings of depression for women in high and low equity countries. Despite Hollywood portrayals, women are not universally expressive and men are not consistently stoic.

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    But is this simply a Hollywood stereotype, or are women in fact more emotionally expressive than men?


    A cross-sectional, cross-cultural study. Interestingly, all of these cross-cultural studies find sex differences in neuroticism are larger in cultures with more sociopolitical gender equity.


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    But is this simply a Hollywood stereotype, or are women in fact more emotionally expressive than men?


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