Ecigarette in the cinemas

No smoking in the cinema sounds better

Sitting in a cinema used to mean no smoking. There were so many dangers that came with lighting a cigarette that it seemed like a no brainer. Now days, however, people are back to smoking in the cinema thanks to the e cigarettes.

They seem so harmless. There is no tobacco smoke. So it may be easy to rationalize that they aren’t that bad. There are ecig side effects though. It may also be so easy to say that they don’t bother anyone but the smoker. That thinking is not correct.

For the smoker

The dangers for the smoker come from the nicotine. Even though you don’t have the tobacco to worry about, the nicotine is what causes the most problems. It is a drug. It is highly addictive. That is just the beginning of the problem. Think about the flavoring that goes into the device. The base of that has some of the same chemicals as antifreeze. You aren’t going to go get a glass of antifreeze, but you are putting some into your lungs each time you smoke. In fact, a single tablespoon of liquid could kill a small child.


For those nearby

Anyone who is standing, or sitting, around the smoker isn’t going to get the big whiff of second smoke like that comes from a traditional cigarette. They are going to smell it. They are going to breathe it in. This second hand smoke can cause headaches, nausea, and upset stomach.

Studies have shown that people of are subjected to smoke inhalation, like that from a vape, in a closed area, like a cinema, are almost five times as likely to experience this type of discomfort. It can also initiate a asthma attack or a coughing fit.

Should you smoke in a cinema?

So now that it is not down to can you smoke, and you know the dangers of it, should you smoke in a cinema. The answer is no you should not.

You should respect the people around by not subjecting them to the smoke that does come from your E cigarette. You would not want to cause they people around you any discomfort. You would also not want to risk being the cause of anyone’s asthma attacks as they can be life threatening.

Yes, electronic cigarettes, vapes, are better for you than a traditional cigarette. They are safer because they don’t have a flame. That does not mean that they do not cause discomfort for nonsmokers. I found a good article on a helthy ecig on this website: The heading is Uwell crown tank review.

Please be respectful and wait until you leave the cinema to smoke.

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